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Kings Meta

So, I watched all of Kings this weekend. I'd watched the first 4 eps before, but now I continued. And I posted some meta on Tumblr about Jack and the mixed bag that this show was, and the challenges of using an Old Testament God as an actual characters.

Meta after re-watching the first four eps. God as a character. Sebastian Stan as a treasure. David and Michele as giant charisma vacuums.Collapse )

More Kings Meta-What Went Wrong? What I think the show could and should have beenCollapse )

And finally Kings: the grossness of using people as punishmentCollapse )


So, I saw Winter Soldier

So, I saw Captain America 2: Winter Soldier on Wednesday night. And have I been able to think of anything since then? No I have not.

Spoilers, squeeing, and slash ahoyCollapse )

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Finally updated my yuletide letter

Yep! Here it is:

Nashville, Planetary, Empire Records and 21 Jump Street.

How not to be a Yule dick

Six tips for how not to be a jerk when participating in Yuletide. Written by yours truly:

Things learned from doing this for six, mostly wonderful, but sometimes infuriating years.


Yuletide letter

I am terrible at these, and don't have much to say beyond what's in the individual prompts. Thank you for doing this. I hope that one of my prompts inspires you, but what's far more important to me than that is that you have a good Yuletide writing experience. So if you don't like my prompts, optional details are optional, write something that makes you happy.

Overall, I like stories with narrative arcs more than atmosphere pieces. I dislike crossovers. I dislike mpreg and kid!fic.

Most of my ideas are slashy, but I've tried to give some alternative ideas.

Nashville (TV)
Gunnar Scott, Will Lexington
I would love some Gunnar/Will slash. Alternatively, I'm interested in seeing Will negotiate more what it means to be a closeted gay country star. Maybe come out of the closet. Maybe find some peace in it.

Additional Notes: Will is so interesting to me--he's such a mercenary with his personal life (kind of like Juliette!) and I'd love to see a bit more of the cost of that for him. He's chosen a road that's going to lead to lots of pain for him, and the show has just scratched the surface of it so far. Gunnar, to me, is convenient for exploring Will, and slashing them could be interesting, but is certainly not necessary. An OMC, or the marketing guy could also be interesting.

If you're more interested in Gunnar, it might be cool to explore how he feels about Will coming into his life at the same time as he lost his brother.

Planetary - Warren Ellis
Elijah Snow, Jakita Wagner
I love how Planetary explores weird alternate or hidden histories, so I'd love a case-fic.

Additional Notes: If we didn't match on this, but you're stuck on what we did match on, think about checking Planetary out! It's a short graphic novel read, but it packs a real punch. I love how it hints at so many larger, wider worlds. And I love the secret US/World history it hints at.

I also love how curmudgeonly Elijah and Jakita are in their ways. Bad-tempered banter FTW.

Empire Records (1995)
Gina, Corey Mason
I'd love some Gina/Corey femslash. Corey is a virgin and wants to learn the ropes. Or they meet later, and confess an old crush back in high school. They've grown up, and now they know how to act on it.

Or alternatively, something exploring their beautiful, complicated friendship, especially future fic as their lives go in different directions. I'd love to see over-achiever Corey rebel. I'd love to see Gina be really serious about her music.

Additional Notes: Not much more to add here. Complicated female friendships are super interesting to me, and I'd love to see theirs explored further.

21 Jump Street (2012)
Greg Jenko, Morton Schmidt
Let's make a baby! Hahah, JK. No baby or kid!fic, please, but these two are so in love, it's amazing. I'd love something set in the near future, where Schmidt and Jenko have some pining before getting together as the universe totally thinks they should be.

Additional Notes: Not much more to add here either. I just want Schmidt and Jenko to admit their true, epic love, and grow as people very very slightly. But mostly I want them together.

Thank you so much for doing this!
Fandom: Hockey RPS
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Patrick Kane/Jonathan Toews
Word Count: 13,718
Summary: For the pain [community profile] kink_bingo square. Jonny's weird about his bruises, and Patrick wonders why. Feelings and sex ensue. Set at the end of the 2012-13 season and beyond.
Author Notes: I worked with [ profile] mdevile to brainstorm this fic. She created this amazing art--Awkward Boner. (The art is rated PG.) She beta-ed. She led cheers. She made boner jokes. And gifs. Go tell her she is amazing.

Art preview:

The story on AO3: Take me to the edge so I can fall apart

Hockey fic: Stories sticking to your skin

Whoa, it's been ages since I posted fic. And now that I've posted this, I can work on the Eric Staal/Jeff Skinner story that's gonna fill out the next square...

Title: Stories sticking to your skin
Fandom: Hockey RPS
Rating: NC-17 (ish)
Pairing: Patrick Kane/Jonathan Toews
Word Count: 7406
Summary: For the square “Writing on the body”. Johnny wants more.
Author Notes:This is a girlfriend-less AU set after the 2013 Blackhawks Stanley Cup win and into the following season. The title is from the Wailin’ Jennys song “This Heart of Mine” because Tazer makes me want to listen to Canadian singers even more than I already do.

On AO3: Stories sticking to your skin


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